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wishing to be away from chaos and bitterness of the world


wishing to be away from chaos and bitterness of the world
Mysterious Lotus Casebook chinese drama review
Mysterious Lotus Casebook
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by dwejitoki07
Aug 11, 2023
40 of 40 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 10.0

I will definitely miss LLH's sarcasm, superb martial arts skills and his to die for smirks

Hail Cheng Yi!!!! This is definitely one of the best Wuxia series I've ever watched in my entire journey as a Cdrama fan. Every element included in this series, to be made as complete and whole did their part amazingly and perfectly.

The story may be cliche with revenge, betrayal, good vs evil, but! they did it with a twist.

There's mystery, adventure, brotherhood, good camaraderie, perfectly executed fight scenes (which takes my breath away) and couldn't helped myself but to rewind it to watch that scene again, and a lot more. You'll cry, get frustrated, upset, laugh, be curious, be on edge on your seat and just simply be awed with Cheng Yi's acting on this series. I love how he portrayed LLH's character. I love the sprinkled jokes, his sarcastic jabs/remarks, his to die for smirks, and his growth as a person. From being a proud, kinda selfish but fiercely loyal person, and was oblivious on what's happening around him, him as an excellent person, a martial artist genius, to having experienced betrayal, his downfall and realisation as a mature person.

I love how Cheng Yi and Joseph Zeng interact on screen. It looks natural and convincing. How they bicker with each other but you'll know for sure that they're ready to save and protect one another if needed.

Let me say it again, the fights scenes here are all perfectly executed! Most especially LLH's fight scenes! OMG!!!! I simply love those scenes, they looked sooo convincing and natural! Kuddos to their hard work!

Also, I really love this drama because there's no unnecessary romance plot that sometimes, ruin a good series.

I hate all the villains, I wanted to skinned them alive, that's how good and convincing they are with their parts/roles. ???

My only complain was the subtitles were too fast for a scene. I for an expert as a subtitle reader did had a hard time reading them all. ??? I had to rewind some in order to understand some.

If you're still contemplating whether you have to watch this series, I can gladly say, go for it! Give it a chance and you'll never regret it. Just as I didn't regret buying the express package just to know what's gonna happen in the end.
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