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Czech Republic


Czech Republic

~ 23 y. o./ an egg that should be respected/ university student/ jack of some trades and master of none/ second lead syndrome victim/ member of Seo In-Guk appreciation squad

~ soft/cute relationships in dramas are my kink

~ I prefer korean dramas, mostly romcoms or friendship focused (any recommendations are welcome.) also... pretend relationship dramas. this trope is just... yeah.. i love it. im going to watch any pretend relationship drama as long as its not melo/tragedy. in that case i might hesitate.
~ There are periods of time when i watch only dramas and do nothing else at all. And there are even longer periods of time when I do everything but watch dramas (and such periods are much longer than periods when i watch dramas -_-

~ sometimes i do sound quite mean so I am sorry. In fact, I am just a giant idiot so... yeah..be my friend or something..

~ my anime list

~ league of legends enthusiast (a fan of UOL, TL, LGD, KT and many individuals that are unlucky to be in shitty teams)

~ I spend ridiculous amount of time on tumblr. (mostly k-pop... mostly exo)

~ in my profile picture is ulzzang Park Sora (in case you wondered :))

My scoring:
10 - masterpiece. i recommmend this to everyone (probability of me rewatching this series is 100%)*
9 - great!
8 - very good
7 - ok (either a 'very good' drama that disappointed me or an 'ok' drama that exceed my expectations)
6 - average (probably boring)
5 - worse than average but still not that bad
4 - bad. i probably hated this one but some elements (side characters or actors' performance) prevent me from giving lower score
3, 2, 1 - various types of bad.(so far nothing i've seen was this bad)

As for variety shows I choose to not rate them unless i really loved them and therefore think that everyone will enjoy them no matter whether they are fans of the cast.

(basically, i recommend all dramas rated 10 - 8. I also think you shouldn't have many dramas rated with 10. The best score should be given only to the best of bests.)
((*i almost never rewatch whole series so this might be pretty much deciding factor between 10 and 9,5 rating :)))


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