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somewhere in the heartland


somewhere in the heartland
Eating Existence
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Jan 26, 2019
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It feels like a webtoon. It is a webtoon. And it felt like a late night experiment that might have had more angst than it needed.

I found it rather surprising to find Noh Min Woo in this project. Yet, I sense it might be his all-time best performance in acting. I really felt he was being himself. And I think that is the message in the story, to just be your honest self.

Naturally, the so-called protagonist is full of slacker qualities, but there were little truths in each of the segments. Which should one prefer? Living for food or have a relationship? And is there somewhere in between?

This is so indie and far off the beaten track of a K-drama, but I loved the character study of it with many tight scenes, which is somewhat uncommon in many dramas.

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