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Heart and Greed hong kong drama review
Heart and Greed
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by Emmy
Jan 13, 2018
40 of 40 episodes seen
Overall 6.0
Story 3.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 10.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
If it isnt the third installment of the heart of greed francise. First things first, i have to say that had high expectations from this drama and expect to be really critical about it since i watch the 1st and 2nd series and absolutely loved them! And well, did this drama live up to its  expectations and even surpass the other heart of greed francise? NOT EVEN CLOSE !! It even shouldnt be called the "3rd heart of greed" (youll read why)


Music: Susanna Kwan music is still as awesome as ever! Like the other heart of greed francise, just listening to it makes you think this drama is going to be intense one with lots of conflicts and sadness along the way (this isnt the case for this drama however). Also, hana and vincent is one of the best love songs from TVB ever since Jinny Ng love is Not Easy from line walker.  when that songs come up in those dramatic love scenes in this drama, its so addicting to listen to more of it! hope this song wins the TVB awards :)

Acting: A drama featuring most of the orginal veteran cast was rare indeed. And almost all of their acting was still superb after all these years (there was one who's acting wasnt as great. ill get to her later). Although their acting was spectacular, it was all wasted due to the characters that they played. More on that later

Relationships of the Characters: Strong chemistry among the actors and the characters they play. Vincent and Eliza relationship altho that typical childhood romance, it still was executed well and wasnt all cliche as it had some twists along the way. Priscilla and Bosco relationship, altho hit with many cliches, it didnt feel force at all and their "brother" relationship was funny and cute. Joseph and Michell/Ha Yu and Louise relationships of married couples, u can really feel the loves they had for each other.  Theres sharon and Michael relationship, probably the most dramatic part of the drama, it kinda felt force in a way and their chemistry with each other altho shitty, sharon and micheal acting  synchrozination led their character's relationship less "hateful"


Story: PROBABLY THE BIGGEST LETDOWN OF THE SERIES!! In heart of greed 1 and 2, the drama in the story was ACTUALLY problematic and intense. That was the whole charm of it. But in this drama, you would never feel that the conflict was dramatic because it had a lot of written comedy that disrupts it entirely and the actors character that they portayed, didnt even match their typical characters that they portray  and that lowered the drama suspense.

Character: THIS IS DEFINITELY THE BIGGEST LETDOWN OF THE DRAMA. Remember how i said "the actors character that they portayed, didnt even match their  typical acting"? For example, Joseph acting in the previous francise, was that of a true villan. but in this, hes soft and sympathetic and it really didnt work on him as well. The BIGGEST disaapointment, was by far, Michella Yim. In Moonlight Resonance, what made her the best villan of that drama, was her great acting as a cunning and maniputaed  person. in this drama, shes not even close to being villanious. Her character was rather annoying and cartoony. Sorry Michelle you had to do this embarrasing role. Finally, Louisee acting was rather crappy. And its probably because the character she portrayed. the typical  character she usually portay is  the voice of reason and her acting made you feel empathy and agree with the character. But in this, (just like michelle yim) was cartoony and altho sometimes she would be the voice of reason, it wasnt as compelling because like it said, this drama story isnt all that dramatic.


Did this drama had a lot of potential and could reach or beyond exceed their predecessors? Yes. But did it? Not even half way. This drama overall is ok. If you were to compare it to their predecessors, this drama would definity be considered as a dissapointment. I would be okay if this drama wasnt called "heart of greed 3" because it really is not. But its worth of try. Just keep in mind this wont  the same atomsphere as the heart of greed 1 and 2 had.
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