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Talking about myself I find it boring. Not because there is much or little to say but because I'm pretty normal. I love watching dramas and writing about them sometimes when I feel there is something I want to share and it's either mostly positive or a constructive criticism of some kind.

I choose a drama to watch based on the storylines and on my guess that is going to have a happy ending otherwise I normally don't bother. There are exceptions though, very few in fact such as Koizora. I love the romanticism of the movie, the performances, the environment. It's romantic! If I like the story but not one of the leads, I check out the drama but 9 times out of 10 I'll drop it. That's life. So far has only been one exception: Moonlight drawn by the Clouds. I didn't like the lead actress but Park Bo Gum's performance was hillarious! I loved it so I watched the drama.

When I write I have a tendency to relate things. I have related a drama to Big Bang's MADE, another one to ice cream and so forth. For me it's pure logic. For someone else it might be pure insanity. It doesn't bother me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I love K-Pop. I've watched Big Bang live, having to wait 6 hours with my feet soaking wet to see them perform and it was worth it. If I had to wait 10 hours it would still have been worth it. I've also seen GD live and the concert was absolutely amazing! VIP forever. Apart from Big Bang & GD I like BTS, Sechskies, iKon, PSY amongst others but those are my favourites. I like some songs from EXO, GOT7, Block B, FT Island & Super Junior whose MV's are top notch but then so are the MV's of many of the others.

I also enjoy Mandopop, which I'm still discovering and enjoying every bit of the process. I'm a big fan of Bii, Jay Chou & William Chan.

That's me in a nutshell.


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