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⌨ . . hello

₍☕₎ˀˀ  welcome to my drama list.

my name is elena, i'm fifteen, and i'm also into kpop.

this is an archive for all of my dramas!

my recommendations ;

—queen of the ring []

—strong woman do bongsoon

—oh my ghostess

as i've said, i'm also very into kpop.

i love bts, gfriend, wanna one,

 infinite, lovelyz, dia,

 loona, and momoland. . . ♡

my favorite songs atm ; 

—euphoria by. jungkook []

—eclipse by. kimlip

—spinebreaker by. bts

—kiss me by. dia

—love & live by. loona 1/3

—love whisper by. gfriend

₍✉️₎ˀˀ that's it for my account. . . 

if you would like to find me on twitter

you can do so by clicking here

✎. . .thank you for reading!


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