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My name is Fatenista,26 years old and I am big fan of Asian Drama especially Korean Drama
 It started when I was 11,my first Korean drama ever was
Autumn Ballad aka Autumn in my Heart.
I have so many favorite dramas that I even can't count :D
Many have asked me why I love Korea and I really hate to keep on explaining why so I'll tell you chingus WHY.

First, while watching kdramas,I like the way they make their dramas~~ its simple, not to complicated, interesting, always new, always new actors, and not too long. **its just right. and they always have something new~~and also their historical kdramas are so daebak!!!
fashion~~~because I find their style is cute, simple, & unique~~ it makes you wanna wear it too~~
Culture~ because I really like their history up until now they still manage to preserve their historical          places~~ and the architecture is so awesome!!!^^;; its a place where I won't get bored!!
Music~ especially in there OST ~~ I like it because even if you can't understand it word by word~~but the thoughts of the song makes your heart move especially if its a ballad~~ also if you translate it has a meaningful lyrics to it.^^;;


My Forever Favorite Actors

Park Shi Hoo


Joo Won



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