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I started watching K-dramas because my friends had a powerful influence on me. I now watch dramas to enhance my waking dream wish fulfilment.

Hello there!

About me!

  • I enjoy hard-watch thriller experiences where the MC is placed in a difficult situation  and has to figure out ways to escape
  • But then again, I need dramas with elements of life, romance and comedy
  • With well-written plots, where the MCs talk about life and their perspectives, where they sort out misconceptions just by talking
  • I LOVE good-written support characters, with a personality and a sense of humour (characters that have their own vibe)
  • I am old-fashioned so I like shows where the main couple get together midway through the story and not right away. If their dating era has no chemistry I ain't completing it!
  • I don't cry easily, but when I do it's for the least expected scenes (scenes and dialogues hit differently to everyone, right?)
  • Guilty Pleasures:- Shows and movies with unhinged dialogues and sometimes blatant killings (where there isn't much to the story and it feels like a wild ride eg:- Project Wolf Hunting, Monster)
  • I watch dramas from any country but there's always more to explore
  • Weaknesses:- Deep voices and eyes (filled with emotions)

Treasured Characters
“Do you see the difference between the police and the fire crew? You guys have civilians visit you with gratitude. But we have criminals visit us with grudges.” 
- Jin Hogae from The First Responders
Sera:- "Hey Gong Myung. You're working with a very reasonable boss, my previous boss made me come up with 13 drafts at once."
Gong:- "That was me."
Sera:-  "Yes, it was you *giggles*"

Goo Sera from Into the Ring
“Life is a series of embarrassments. It’s embarrassing from the moment you’re born. You are born naked.” –
 Yeom Chang Hee from The Liberation Notes
“At times, being oblivious is less cruel in this world”. -
Baek Kyung from Extraordinary You

“I loved counting money since I was a child. I counted the money in my head for fun. When it was a lot of money, I’d convert it into amounts of food.” – In Joo from Little Women

"You're peanut-sized so I can carry you in here, but I don't think I am in your heart." - 
Ahn Minhyuk from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

     them <3  (click on images/gifs to access their respective shows :))
Dong-Chul and Sang Mi
Definition of "her knight in shining armour"
Yuri and Sangwook
Bun-Ok and Gyeok-ChanThe only person on her side was him
Si-eun and Suho
Artist and his Masterpiece
their height difference>>
Kiyoka and miyo
Hyung joo and Ga hyun

one of the best endings IMO,

If you want your heart to be shattered into tiny fragments


Hee sub and Yoon Young“I’m sure your dad didn’t mean to miss out on these occasions. He must have had a reason.” 
Gi jeong and Tae Hoon

"Catch your breath, just for a minute"

Eun Gyeol and Chung Ah

"I really want you to see it, Chung Ah's smile. She has such a pretty smile."

Cheong San and On Jo

"Let's talk a little later, tomorrow or the day after, or next week, that's what we agreed to."

Jong Woo and Seok Yoon

Seok Yoon was truly a breath of fresh air

Qiao yi and Yan MoIch liebe dich
Arisu and Usagi

love them in every universe

InKyung and InJoo
Xin Tong and Mo Yao
The only Wattpad giving couple I love
Sera and Gong Myung
Cheif Hong and Hye jin

Dimple couple

Min Min and Bong Bong

Heartbeat Heartbeat speeding up

Jin Hogae and Yoo Jung

should've adopted her :((

Dan Oh and Haru

"Two extras living an ordinary life and when they met, they became extraordinary. That makes extraordinary you for me."

Kim Bok Joo & Joon Hyung
Bora and Soo Hyuk

Caprio to my Winslet

Son Ogong and Jin Sun Mi
Shi Qing and He Yun
Yun Seo and Jun Hee
King Se Jong Yi Do and Dan Bi
Im Sol and Sun JaeThe show has just started airing and I'm obsessed with em
I love watching men in love
Tae Moo and Hari
Young Jae and Yoo Jung

and that is how you fall in love

(go watch it if you haven't)

My Rating system


shows that always feel refreshing when I rewatch them

  • The plot was very cleverly written
  • MCs were smart enough to know what they were doing
  • Almost all the characters had a great personality and an engrossing perspective towards life
  • had elements of thriller/wholesome romance/melancholia
Shows that were great but they always have room for improvement
  • Well-written plot 
  • Smart MCs  and support characters
  • Fast-paced ending (could've been better) 
Shows with  interesting storylines but the characters are a lil questionable
  • Plot where you don't have to  use much of your brain
  • MCs are confused but they have got the spirit
  • lacking support characters
Shows with a lacking plot, but the execution was not bad
  • Poor plot
  • Acting is what kept it going for me
  • or my guilty pleasure
Shows that I watched just to pass some time or I was not in the mood to concentrate
  • Prolly watched it just for the visuals or chemistry

I normally would drop or keep skipping scenes for such shows

  • How ba-a-a-ad can it be?
    How bad can it possibly be?

Anyway that is it, folks
Have a great day/night and live a long life


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