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Thank you for looking at my profile. My name is Silje and I'm 17 years old. I like drawing, playing piano, writing, reading manga, watching dramas & anime, photograpgy, chocolate and learning new things. I don't like meat, being sick, school, being dirty and being forced to do something. I can speak Swedish and English and I understand (more or less) Norwegian, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. So feel free to send a friend request and write to me in whatever language you feel comfortable in. :D

I think that the first drama I ever watched was Good Morning Call back in the summer of 2016. I saw it on a website where I originally used to watch anime, but it intrigued me and I ended up watching it. When I later that year got into k-pop I watched Hwarang when it aired since Taehyung from BTS was in it. I later found out that what I had been watching were called dramas when I watched Flower Boy Next Door sometime late 2016 to early 2017.

 I like all colors, but I think my favorite color is purple.

My favorite foods are vegetarian sushi, spring rolls and root vegetables. (Tbh this change quite frecuently)

My favorite anime and manga: Myanimelist

First Korean drama: Hwarang :)

First Japanese drama: Good Morning Call

First Thai drama: 2 Moons The Series

First Chinese drama: A Love So Beautiful

My scores: 10 = I loved it! 9.5 = I loved it! But some detail was off. 9 & 8.5 = Really good! Although not my favorite. 8 = Good! It was worth my time. 7.5 = I somewhat struggled to complete this. 7 = I didn't enjoy it that much but it was still good. 6.5 and below = More or less not worth my time.

Most things that I put on hold isn't because I think they're bad, I just got bored of watching them atm. and need to give them some time for a possible second chance. (I also have a hard time dropping things^^")

I usually write little short reviews/comments on shows or actors on my customed lists, so please do check them out if you want! ^^

Music is a big part of me, so please consider following me on Spotify <-- Click here

Thank you for reading!


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