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This drama addict is 25yo and from Finland. Hi. 

I rarely binge-watch dramas (I have short attention span so the series would have to be real exceptional to keep me still-), but I still feel like I'm on it all the time, watching 1 to 3 episodes every day. I love a variety of things and have absolutely no genre, actors or origin countries that I avoid. On the contrary, I want to see everything. I like to broaden my mind rather than restrict myself.

I look at dramas from a psychological perspective (which should actually be avoided watching certain genres, I know-), and usually find realistic relationships and character development most intriguing. I love humans and humane shows, and usually those dramas become my favorites that have managed to touch me deeply or have really stirred my emotions. Other aspects are secondary to me, but I do appreciate breathtaking visuals, well written scripts and good directing too. They can be a plus, but rarely a minus.

I also love watching other people's favorite dramas. I'm always open for recommendations so please leave me many! ♥

Few of my likes would be: quirky romances, flying swords, mentions of fate, witty comedy, historical, deep or poetic dialogues, tsunderes, tragic characters, utter madness, ordinary stories of ordinary people。。。


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