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California, United States


California, United States

hi!! my name is jasmine. 안녕하세요!! 제 이름은 재스민이에요.

i'm trash and this is my dumpster, because makings lists soothes me. however, my drama list is rather short because i don't have much time to watch things. thus, rather than an addict, i like to consider myself a casual drama watcher ^^


about me


please be grateful; i used to have that entire thing actually pasted here.




(sort of) guide to my ratings:

10: wow. um. my emotions?? decimated. so many feels. all of the feels. a v high quality drama that got everything so right. the script, the acting, the cinematography, and overall magnificence and captivity were masterfully done. no doubt it had me drowning in love.

9.5: an absolutely amazing watch that i enjoyed far more than usual and would rewatch in an instant. it probably gave me a little (big) drama hangover afterwards.

9.0: wow, seriously fantastic and would definitely recommend… only it was missing one certain thing.

8.5: just above average, but still with its flaws. a quality, enjoyable watch.

8.0: an average, well-made drama. yet while the enjoyment level was rather good, it was definitely lacking something.

7.5: okay, but not something i would recommend. on the other hand, the better parts made up for the lesser parts, so at least some level of interest can be held.

7.0: pretty below average. there was plenty of good and bad in equal measure. several key components could have been worked on and i had to power through a lot.

6.5: 0/10 would not recommend. easily skippable episodes.

6.0: regrets? i have them. the enjoyable parts were miniscule.

5.5: this was a mess, honestly. i don't have words that would suffice other than that—any sort of articulation i may have had is gone.

5.0 - 1.0: this entire section can be compacted into a scale from horrible to wholly unwatchable. i don't think i'd ever rate anything lower than 3.0 though because i most likely would have dropped it by then.


also! i change my ratings rather often, so you can't really trust the credibility of this timeline ↓


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