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  • My first kpop artist and my first bias is Teayang, he's still one of my bias. I found this fantastic "new" world thanks for him! My first k-pop song and MV is Wedding Dress by Taeyang.
  • My first k-pop group are BIGBANG and 2NE1 with the song Lollipop. I've listened to k-pop since the beginning of the summer 2010, but I also like khiphop and k-rock.2nben1d.jpg
  • My first Asian drama och k-drama is Boys Over/Before Flowers, I watched it in early May 2013.
  • My favorite characters are OFTEN the SECOND male leader, I've the second lead syndrome.
  • My first variety k-show is Strong Heart, the first time for me was in year 2011. 
  • My favorite shows are Strong Heart, Night after Night (NAN), Running Man and Barefooted Friends.
  • My first anime is Love Hina, I got that anime box as a present together with
    the other anime-box DN Angel, my dad gave them to me as a birthday present... thank you!
  • My first manga is the Swedish "manga" Stall Norrsken, but I think it was more text than "manga pics". My first REAL manga is Power!!!,I borrowed it from the library before I bought it from a webshop.
  • I've been interested in Japan since 2006, I was very interested before I became interested in South Korea.
  • My favorite Japanese groups are One Ok Rock, My First Story,  Spyair, J Soul Brothers, Arashi and Tegomass.
    - My Japanese Music Playlist
  • I started to listen to v-pop back in 2014 and I still listen to it sometimes. My favorites are JustaTee, Sơn Tùng M-TP, Noo Phước Thịnh, Soobin Hoàng Sơn, Isaac and UNI5. 
    - My Vietnamese Music Playlist
  • I've too many favorite kpop groups and solo artists to mention, so my top 3 is BigBang, Phantom, MR.MR. I had a chance to meet two of MR.MR members (Tey and Doyeon) and they gave me a "thank you" gift to me because they got surprised over that I've been following them for so long, they aren't a popular group.
    - My Favorite Korean Music Playlist
  • My top 3 k-rock bands are FTISLAND, Bursters and Toxic.
    - My Korean Rock Playlist has almost 33 000 views
  • My top 10 soloists are Jessi, Amber, Henry, Kanto, Rain, Xia, Heo Young Saeng, Kang Seung Yoon, Verbal Jint and Lee Hyuk.
  • If you're interested, I've also an OST Playlist and Chinese/Taiwanese Music Playlist.

N (VIXX) try to teach Hanhae (Phantom) the dance for On and On

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