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Hello and Welcome to my page!
Feel free to send me a friend request if you want,
I'm not gonna bite you... I'm not scary... or am I? Maybe, lol ^__^

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Hm... My name is Felicia and from Sweden (Scandinavia/North Europe).

My first kpop artist and my first bias is Teayang, he's still one of my bias.
I found this fantastic "new" world thanks for him!
My first k-pop song and MV is Wedding Dress by Taeyang.

My first k-pop group are BIGBANG and 2NE1 with the song Lollipop.
I've listen to k-pop since the beginning of the summer 2010. 2nben1d.jpgMy first Asian drama och k-drama is Boys Over/Before Flowers.
I watched my first Asian drama in early May 2013.

My favorite characters are OFTEN the SECOND male leader.
See some of my favorite SECOND male leader characters here below!

My first variety k-show is Strong Heart, the first time for me was in year 2011.
I like to watch Strong Heart, Night after Night (NAN), Running Man and Barefooted Friends.  

My first anime is Love Hina, I got that anime box as a present together with
the other anime-box DN Angel, my dad gave them to me as a birthday present... thank you!
My first manga is the Swedish "manga" Stall Norrsken, but I think it was more text than "manga pics". My first REAL manga is Power!!!,I borrowed it from the library before I bought it from a webshop.

I've been interested in Japan since 2006, I was very interested in everything that had to do with Japan before I became interested in South Korea. But I like to watch other Asian dramas than just k-drama.

Some of my friends and family think that I'm annoying because I can't stop talking about
k-pop and k-dramas, but what should I do? I hope that k-pop and Asian dramas are getting popular in my country 'cause everything I want, I have to buy abroad :c

My first t-drama is Meteor Garden and I really like it!
But my favorite scene is when Dao Ming Si does his "happy-dance"!


More Kdramas, More Problems: Can you figure out who is who?
Me: Challenge accepted! >8D
Btw, I got over 50 likes on this comment... that's a bit funny! :'3


I have too many groups that I like, but I often listen to BigBang, Phantom, MR.MR, Excite, B.A.P, VIXX, A-Prince, 2Max/T-Max, Shinhwa, Monsta X, Lucky J, A.kor, 2NE1 & 4Minute.
When it comes to solo artists, I often listen to Verbal Jint, San E, Heo Young Saeng, Henry, Xia, Se7en, Tablo, PSY, Lee Michelle & Ailee.
N (VIXX) try to teach Hanhae (Phantom) the dance for On and On

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