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Gorya is a simple girl who works at a flower shop. She passes an exam and gets accepted into a prestigious and luxurious school attended by the wealthy. The school is ruled by an elite clique known as the F4 consisting of four rich, handsome and spoiled boys. Gorya is the only one who stands up to their bullying, leaving all the boys in awe, especially Thyme, the group's leader. Almost instantly smitten by Gorya, Thyme romantically pursues her but she has no interest in him due to first impressions. She instead falls for his best friend Ren, However, Ren is still in love with his childhood love Mira. In all the chaos of school, Gorya can't help but find herself falling for Thyme because of his generosity to her and her family and his change of character.
Recommended by kyo - Aug 27, 2023
A re-imagination of the classic tale Snow White in modern society.

Snow White's beauty was once her danger. But for the Snow White of the new era, "Ugliness" is more threatening.

Because she's not fair, not thin, nothing according to Beauty Standards, she is attacked by the sweet-but-toxic social media. No matter how much she's bullied, this "Poisoned Apple" won't be her death!

-Same Director
-Same Series
Recommended by kyo - Aug 27, 2023
A re-imagination of the classic tale "Cinderella" in the modern society.

Meet the new "Cinderella", who doesn't wait for the Fairy Godmother to make her wishes come true. Even though the difficult and needy life, she will find the way by herself. She changes her appearance, wears glass slippers and starts chasing for the heart of "The Wealthy Prince". Even if the glass slippers are tight and pinching her feet, when the goal is money, she will defeat it!

- Same Director
-Same Series
Recommended by kyo - Aug 27, 2023