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안녕하세요!  Hello there! It's profile-ing time right now... Leggo!

*this pretty much sums my life*

When was it that I started watching dramas? Was it 7 years ago? Yup! 2011! First drama? 


It was my first K-drama and I was already suffering from SLS (Second Lead Syndrome)! Kang Shinwoo was a gem *heart eyes*

So it was no surprise I was shipping Go Minam and Kang Shinwoo. Up until the end, it was #TeamShinwooxMinam all the way! Imagine my reaction when I found out about HEARTSTRINGS... (I began slipping into the drama life towards the end of the year).

HEARTSTRINGS was my second drama and it was the best drama of 2011, hands down. Re-watch value = 10/10. My heart was so pleased with the drama + main couple, I couldn't watch Park Shinhye (who plays as Minam) or Jung Yonghwa (who plays as Shinwoo) be on-screen couples with anyone else besides each other. I'm in that deep. 

YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL and HEARTSTRINGS led me into the world of K-drama. From then on, I've been... 

It is what it is.

Of course, it wasn't only Korean dramas. There were Chinese dramas and Taiwanese dramas and Japanese dramas and Thai dramas, too. I can't escape from this drama world anymore. I'm stuck af (lovin' the stucked life tho tbh).

- F A V O U R I T E   D R A M A S   O F   A L L   T I M E -

Healer.                                                                                              Fight For My Way.

Because Of You (2017).                                                                                             Behind Your Smile.

Kill Me, Heal Me.

                                                                                            Secret Love.

Spring Waltz.

                                                                                             Refresh Man. 


                                                                                               Autumn's Concerto.

Someone Like You.

                                                                                                 I'm Not A Robot.

 Oh My Ghostess.

-------------------------------------------------------------- the end. --------------------------------------------------------------


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