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New York


New York

Hi my name is Mackenzi! 

I started watching dramas to help from boredom / avoid schoolwork  ( probably not a good idea ) as well as get away from league + overwatch and became majorly addicted.

I enjoy the historical/fantasy/romance dramas along with some mystery/thriller movies

I listen to lots of k-pop and my favourite group is IZ*ONE

Although I don't watch anime anymore if you need any suggestions you can find my list here : Horrendouslys

I rate my dramas based on how much I enjoy them / how interesting they are. It is very rare for me to drop a drama, because I will attempt to force myself to at least finish it. But if I drop one, it typically means it dragged on the story too much or possibly was too repetitive.

If you want some drama suggestions just feel free to pm me :)


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