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Baltimore, MD


Baltimore, MD

I'm a 21 year old Filipino currently living in the US. I like to sing and upload covers on youtube. Check it out if you want to :)

My dream is to be a kpop idol.... Nah, just kidding! Or am I? I try to audition but I always fail. T.T But I will never give up! :P

The first Asian drama I've watched (excluding PH dramas) was Meteor Garden back in the Philippines. Slowly found out about other Taiwanese dramas, K-pop, and eventually, K-dramas.
I found out about kpop while watch Boys Over Flowers. SHINee! <3
I also found out about kpop because of DBSK, Big Bang, 2NE1 and so on...
But I fell in love with SHINee, then U-Kiss, then EXO.
Currently an EXO-L but I like a lot of groups. My biases are Sehun, Kai, Kyungsoo, Baekhyun, you know what? I like all of them! ^^

I watch mostly k-dramas and I can't stop watching them! I'm so addicted, I even got my mom to like them. She has a crush on Yoochun, Vanness Wu, Song Joong Ki, etc. :D I'm interested in anime and mangas too. But I don't watch/read them as much.

I know how to read and write in Korean. I wanna learn Japanese too. I wanna be like Alexander Eusebio hehe. I don't know how but I found out I'm interested in different languages and cultures. So far I'm fluent in Tagalog and English. I learned Spanish for 3 years and I realized it didn't really interest me. I switched to Chinese class afterwards and I took that for 2 years until I graduated high school. I just started college so hopefully I'll be able to continue Chinese and also start learning Japanese there. Traveling is always something I've always wanted to do. I wanna travel to Korea first and hopefully meet my oppas~~


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