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United States

Long-time watcher of dramas (cdramas, kdramas, lakorns) but currently mainly watching Chinese dramas.

There are four kinds of dramas.

  1. Masterpiece - the kind of drama that has everything: great cinematography, OST, characters, compelling storylines, and an earned ending, whether happy or sad. An incredible experience.
  2. Delightful and fun - the kind of drama that may have a couple plot holes or a few things that could've been better, but you still had a good time and loved many memorable things about it. It was still emotionally compelling.
  3. So bad that it's hilarious and enjoyable: the kind of drama that have so much potential but then goes sideways and become incredibly bad to the point of hilarity. You may just be watching it at this point to laugh at how bad it is while also enjoying certain actors
  4. So bad that it's frustrating and you drop it: the kind of drama that is so illogical and so weirdly paced and lack so much that you get more tired watching it than liking it.

My YouTube Channel is jinacreations. Profile gif is made by me from this gifset.


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