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Newlyweds Diary: Season 1 korean drama review
Newlyweds Diary: Season 1
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by jennydinhworld
Nov 28, 2018
6 of 6 episodes seen
Overall 10
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 9.0
If you’re tired of watching a lot of kdramas and just want a cute, sweet and realistic depiction of a korean couple: give this show a go! While there may be some scenes that could have already been planned out in advanced, both of these couples honestly gave us an authentic and heart warming experience of what it’s like to be a newlywed... transitioning from city to country side on screen.

The story: the premise of this show is original and smart. Each episode has a certain theme or aspect revolving around something to do with the topic of being newlyweds, and it’s further explored through symbolic representations of food. Food becomes an important motif throughout the show, and this is interesting because it matches with Korean culture and the heavy influence and tradition that food comes with people. Also, the camera angles/ directions was excellent! It didn’t feel awkward and I felt that I was honestly right there with them because of the natural directing.

The cast: if you’re a fan of these two, you’ll immensely enjoy this show. Before watching this show I actually wasn’t much of a fan of these two, despite having watched “Blood” a while back. I only knew that they both starred, met and fell in love during the filming of that drama. Here, you’ll realise that Korean celebrities are just normal people, and they have the same relationship problems and adjustments just like all of us. This show made me respect these two much more, and the adorable yet realistic depiction of their relationship was definitely an A+ in my books.

Music: beautiful, simple, easy to follow - and sets the mood with this show just right.

Overall, I’m glad that these two, and the producers decided to go ahead with this show, and I’m seriously excited for more - if there is any in the future. I’ll definitely be rewatching this season again if I want a break from the “perfect” kdrama couple scenes and just watch this. I would describe the show exactly as how the PD “wanted to provide viewers with a romantic, fantastical, heart-fluttering experience through this couple” - and this is exactly that.

This is essentially a “We Got Married” but in real life, and I’m all for it!
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