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Aug 18, 2021
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Surprising chinese tv show

I confess that I started to watch this show mainly because the actress Qian Song and after I read what was about the story. I have to saw just one thing: this is one of the best chineses' tv show I ever saw it.
First of all, I thought that I already know how it'll end, but I was wrong. The story twisted in such a way that in my opnion the finale end surprisingly and blew my mind. So if you are a person who wants to get away with the same old history's kdrama this tv show is for you.
Besides that, I love that the charecter of Qian Song was a powerfull woman and not some damsel in distress. Futhermore, I amazed by the acting of Luo Yun Xi who I didn't know specially in some episodes and of course Qian Song who is a great actress.
In this way, I just want to say to you if you're doubtful if you should see it or not I say just give a try, because like me you can be surprising. So it exceeded my expectations and strongly recommend everyone to see it because it worth it.

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