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England, UK


England, UK

blessings wait for you

neo / 珔辉 • xxi • they / he • infp-t •  bald and chinese  •  non-binary 

carrd / twitter / tumblr

  • procrastinating university student  
  • bang chan and ji chang wook own my heart
  • i primarily watch korean dramas / movies  (preference for mystery/crime, action, comedy, drama & romance genres) but am open to others (mostly just china and hk) occasionally too
  • things i tend to like in a drama: fast paced, complex and intriguing characters, compelling story, charismatic leads, time travel, strong chemistry, well-executed plot twists, good writing
  • i prefer to avoid: high school dramas, slow moving plots, large age gaps, horror, long dramas, love triangles, over-the-top/slapstick humour, slice of life melodrama, unconvincing romance
  • my favourite actors are ji chang wook and lee joon gi
  • some musicians i like are stray kids, nct, dean, jay park, tvxq, jyj and gen neo
  • my ultimate biases are chan (stray kids), yunho (tvxq) and lucas (nct)

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