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In the Ocean


In the Ocean

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➡ I love watching various dramas and movies of all different genres

 Personally I love listening to many genres of music which include: Rap, Rock, Hip-hop, Pop, Country, EDM, and various Foreign Music

Forum Game: Animal Description

➡ Personally I'm the most passionate towards Photography, my favorite shots I take are of nature and various wildlife. If you like photography here is a link to my photography website: My Photography Portfolio

The Dramas/Movies that I enjoy the most are: Comedy, Historic, Romantic, Fantasy, and Friendship

The Dramas/Movies that I dislike the most are: Horror, Thriller, and Melodramas

❤ Some of my most favorite dramas that I have watched have been:

Wonderful Fate
Truth or Dare
My Little Happiness
Hello Mr. Gu


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