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Hi, I am a Chinese-Vietnamese born American. I can speak five languages (three fluent), but I speak Cantonese-Chinese. I have been watching dramas for as long as I can remember (I'm pretty sure I have been an avid drama watcher since I was around nine-ten years old), and mainly watch dramas from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, and some Thai. I am also an artist, reader, hiker, and enjoy traveling, listening to music and playing badminton.

Here is how I rate titles on MDL (and I am a pretty easy rater):

10.0 stars: Absolute fav! Definitely re-watch worthy, or just amazingly awesome.

9.5 stars: Loved it! Maybe re-watch worthy, but overall good feels.

9.0 stars: Fantastic! Excellent! But I maybe had like one problem with it.

8.5 stars: Very interesting, different, but not too memorable (or fan-girl level).

8.0 stars: Pretty great, but had some annoying things or wasn't as interesting at times.

7.5 stars: Great, engaging, but sometimes found myself confused.

7.0 stars: Good, nothing earth-shattering.

6.5 stars: OK, nothing dramatically ground-breaking.

6.0 stars: Fair, I'll give it credit for an interesting plot and some good scenes.

5.5 stars: Average, nothing surprising, some interesting things.

5.0 stars: Mediocre, don't really have any good or bad feelings, or just felt nothing at all.

4.5 stars: Eh, could have been more interesting.

4.0 stars: So-so, didn't really enjoy it. Kinda bad.

3.5 stars: Bad.

3.0 stars: No.

2.5 stars: Nope.

2.0 stars: Maybe like one good thing...

1.5 stars: Sorry.

1.0 stars: Horrible, I did not understand it at all.

No rating: Probably was too long ago so I don't recall anything, or just wasn't worth my time (but it's probably the first one).


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