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Hi, I am a Chinese-Vietnamese born American. I can speak five languages (three fluent), but I speak Cantonese-Chinese. I have been watching dramas for as long as I can remember (I'm pretty sure I have been an avid drama watcher since I was around nine-ten years old), and mainly watch dramas from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, and some Thai. I am also an artist, reader, hiker, and enjoy traveling, listening to music and playing badminton.


Favorite Actors:
Hong Kong:
  1. Bosco Wong
  2. Raymond Lam
  3. Kevin Cheng
  4. Kenneth Ma
  5. Ruco Chan
  1. Wu Lei
  2. Bai Jing Ting
  3. Xiong Ziqi
  4. Zhang Han
  5. Hu Yi Tian
  6. Yang Yang
  1. Aaron Yan
  2. Sam Lin
  3. Jasper Liu
  4. Riley Wang
  5. King Kong Lee
Favorite Actresses:
Hong Kong:
  1. Linda Chung
  2. Niki Chow
  3. Tavia Yeung

Favorite Dramas:Favorite Couples:Boy Groups:
  1. Nine Percent
    1. Lin Yanjun
    2. Chen Linong
    3. Wang Ziyi
    4. You Zhangjing
    5. Cai Xukun
    6. Xiao Gui
    7. Justin
    8. Zhu Zhengting
    9. Fan Chengcheng
  2. X-Nine/X-Fire
    1. Bai Shu
    2. Xiao Zhan
    3. Xia Zhiguang
  3. Exo
    1. Kris Wu
    2. Luhan
    3. Z.Tao
    4. Lay
  • ETC.
Favorite MCs:
  1. He Jiong
  2. Jackson Wang
  3. Deng Chao

Here is how I rate titles on MDL (and I am a pretty easy rater):

10.0 starsAbsolute fav! Definitely re-watch worthy, or just amazingly awesome.
9.5 starsLoved it! Maybe re-watch worthy, but overall good feels.
9.0 starsFantastic! Excellent! But I maybe had like one problem with it.
8.5 starsVery interesting, different, but not too memorable (or fan-girl level).
8.0  starsPretty great, but had some annoying things or wasn't as interesting at times.
7.5 starsGreat, engaging, but sometimes found myself confused.
7.0 starsGood, nothing earth-shattering.
6.5 starsOK, nothing dramatically ground-breaking.
6.0  starsFair, I'll give it credit for an interesting plot and some good scenes.
5.5 starsAverage, nothing surprising, some interesting things.
5.0  starsAverage, nothing surprising, some interesting things.
4.5 starsEh, could have been more interesting.
4.0 starsSo-so, didn't really enjoy it. Kinda bad.
3.5 starsBad.
3.0 starsNo.
2.5 starsNope.
2.0 starsMaybe like one good thing...
1.5 starsSorry.
1.0 starsHorrible, I did not understand it at all.
No RatingProbably was too long ago so I don't recall anything, or just wasn't worth my time (but it's probably the first one).


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