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Love Endures
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17 days ago
32 of 32 episodes seen
Completed 2
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
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A beautifully written FRIENDSHIP and LOVE a real youth Masterpiece

This is the best youth series I have ever watched. Each and every character was very beautifully portrayed and it was well executed by all the actors where the emotions went deep into my heart. I really want to thank the Author for giving such a remarkable story. Though the story switches from past and present, it is not at all confusing at any moment. I got the absolute flow.

Fan cheng cheng did a great job in every shot as Jiang Yi. I really wonder how the author imagined this character. Thanks for telling us that there can be a person like Jiang Yi, who was always there for Ying zi. Many people were praising Yangzi for her role in this drama , no doubt she did a good job but for me Jiang Yi is the show stealer. I can rewatch it plenty of time for him.

Jiang Yi is someone who was so selfless and supported Ying zi whenever she was in a trouble. He is like a genie with infinite wishes for Yingzi. From finding her while playing Hide and seek at the age of Six, to designing the game to cure her memories there were whole lot of things he made in secret to make her happy just brought me tears. I was wondering why Jiang Yi left UK when he loved her more than anything until I saw the last 5 eps. It turned out to be for Yingzi, as if he was born for her, as if he lives to make her happy and take her out of trouble. No one can ever be like Jiang yi.....Woah How can someone do this much to the person he loves. Yingzi thought Jiang yi was gone for real, but it turned out he was there for her in every moment hiding in secret let that be as Jiangyi or let that be as Yifei (i don't wanna spoil this)

Fan cheng cheng, thank you for bringing this character, thank you for letting me know that there can be people like Jiang yi.

I'll treasure all the SIX people of Hangtian city as long as I can..jiang yi, Yingzi, Mingyu, guan chao, zhang yuan, yifei---all of them gave a perfect drama together. Everyone were there for each of them in their, sad , happy, bitter, misery, days and helped each other out.

And ding ye -- Though his plot started anonymously without clear traces, the questions was beautifully answered as the story goes on. He is a very good cast in here

I cried my eyes out in last 5 eps. May be I felt like i'm not gonna find another youth masterpiece like LOVE ENDURES. Yes, love truly endures

Thank you cast and crew for the wonder... Love you all

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