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I am a Korean drama fan from the southern central part of the United States. I've been watching since early in 2015, and I'm a total addict. :) I don't have anyone IRL that shares my 'addiction' (besides my mom now!), so this is where I come to fan-girl and discuss my favorite shows and actors!

My first drama was Fated To Love You, and it still holds a special place in my heart. ♥

I enjoy romances first and foremost. Specifically I love rom-coms, but if you throw a little  supernatural/fantasy in the mix, and I'll probably watch it. (If you're a rom-com hater, we probably can't be friends! LOL) I don't do much melodrama and shy away from saeguks and anything that looks too political....ruling out most saeguks!  I occasionally like a good mystery, thriller, or crime drama, and I'm also pretty partial to slice-of-life dramas. A slower-paced character driven show is nice sometimes. 

I've got lots of lists over there to the left if you want to peruse those! Maybe we've got some common ground? 

I try to review most of the dramas I watch, but will rarely review the movies. I hope that you will find my reviews helpful (bump me an upvote if you think so)! But if you don't find it helpful, I'd welcome constructive criticism to let me know how I can make it better. :) I'm not an overly critical or jaded viewer, so I'm pretty easy to please, and if a show kept me entertained, then I may rate it a little generously because I rate and review as soon as I complete a show, so that "post show glow" is still in effect! :)  I try to give real reasons for my like or dislike of a show - you won't hear me utter the words 'over-rated' or dinging anything just because it didn't live up to 'hype'. I would never want to suck the joy out of anyone's viewing preferences!  Also - If I ever accidentally put a spoiler in a review - call me out on it so I can remove it! I only give spoilers to people who ask me to do so.  

If you are interested in chatting about a show I'm watching or have completed, or if I can recommend anything to a newer viewer, let me know!  

If you friend request me, please send a message and tell me a little about yourself or why you'd like to be friends. I've pared down my friends list to those people who are actually active on the site and/or try have some sort of interaction with me here  and I also look at your lists and ratings to see if we'd even have anything in common. So if you have no activity (unless you recently joined the site), please don't take it personal if I decline. 


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