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Avid fan of Kdrama, Cdrama, Jdrama and Tdramas...

Fan of BTS, NCT and Wang yibo ❤

Love action, fantasy, BL, bromance, historical, martial arts, wuxia and xianxia genres.

Instagram : @_wy.ten.tae_

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  • Favourite Anime

Series: Tokyo Ghoul, Soul Land, Attack on Titan

  • Favourite Kdrama 

Series : Alchemy of Souls, Mr.Sunshine, Crash Landing on you, Vincenzo

Actor : Lee jaewook, Lee jongsuk, Lee Minho

Actress : Kim sohyun, Kim yoojung, Go yoonjung

  • Favourite Cdrama

Series : Glory of Special Forces, Joy of life, Pingpong life, Someday or one day

Actor : Tan Jianci, Xu kai, Bai Jingting, Zhang Ling He

Actress : Bai Lu, Zhao Lusi, Dilreba, Yang mi

  • Favourite Jdrama

Series : Ouroboros, Majisuka Gakuen, Alice in Borderland

Actor : Oguri shun

Actress :

  • Favourite Tdrama 

Series : Cutie pie, Kinnporsche, Hua jai sila, Until we meet again

Actor:  Santa, Mix, Jimmy, Nunew

Actress: Baifern, Yaya


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