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 My favorite drama'sof passion and love!

Stray Kids

credits to hyyunjinn

credits google search

Best way to watch a drama or don't watch a drama:

  1.  Act as if it's interesting at first [we now it's going to be interesting if our favorite ppl are in it but sometimes a drama can take a turn and we all now that too well]
  2. You watched a really good drama right? now your inside may not take the new drama  that just came out, best to cool down a bit and come back to it and if that don't work put it in the hold/not interest [ I have looked at my not interest many times and take drama's out so later on it might catch your eyes.]
  3. Some drama's aren't meant to watch by you but yet you still talk trash about it! don't worry I do that same times myself[ I really feel bad now!! but it's too late moving on ]
  4. I try not to know many actors because it kind of ruined the feel of what you'll expect from them and the drama, my way of hiding the feel of the unexpected.
  5. Last; watch[ skip to ] the end part, save you time and agony! end. may not feel right but it save time over all read comments and reviews they help a lot in deciding sometimes not 100% all the time but it helps.


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