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in the box.


in the box.

Hello hello.!

{i use dark mode so the colors look better if youre using that}

I mostly watch psychological thrillers and and some romance series,, ill try my best to find the ones that wont waste your time, so check out my lists

not long ago realized that i adore wuxias (chinese cultivation?) dramas and its probably one of my favs, the osts never disappoint

i got into bl because Holland, but 'Ocean likes me' was a big disappointment at first, the other ones i watched were mostly fine ig,, also I would be pretty thankfull for some lgbt recommendations (not cheesy or fetishized ones pls) as well so feel free to dm me

only started watching series around 4 years ago,  my first k thriller was probably Forgotten.

im also into animes and mangas with unique style and story like Evangelion, Serial experiments Lain, Paranoia agent, Ergo proxy, Monster, Jjba, Junji Ito collection, Flowers of evil, Mob psycho, Monogatari series, Ajin:demi human, Mononoke or Paprika. (I highly recommend watching these btw)


random shit about me: im 19, (bi,. ill just be honest not like any of you would start bullying or sum lol) , anyway i am an art major on film and animation. ( i tend to rate harshly, or sometimes give good rating cuz of actors only, even if its a trash ass thing, cuz they had a fluid and good acting OR good chemistry)

i mostly listen to khiphop or rap but ive been into krnb and indie lately, i like kpop as well. also i really like weird vocaloid songs like magical doctor or japanese visual kei bands like Dadaroma, the GazettE or crowd of rebelion. alt rock and shit like Deftones, Korn or Marilyn Manson, a year ago i started listening to thai indie bands like Dept and YEW ect i love the overall vibe most of the songs have

the kpop series arent rated or marked as watched because i watch random eps out of them and also most of them has at least 50+ eps i aint gonna fuck around with that so im sorry about that 


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