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 17yo ⋆ scorpio sun / aries moon / leo rising  

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  • Genres that I like are wuxia, historical and fantasy
  • I usually prefer Chinese and Korean dramas (+Taiwanese).  
  • I also like BL 
  •  Fave actress is Yang Mi
  • My favourite drama has got to b Eternal Love (it's epic)
  • Anime is close to my heart and my favourite ones are Hunter x Hunter, Psycho-Pass and Jojo's bizarre adventure (especially part 2 and 5)
  • My music taste is mostly metal (some of my fav bands are Arch Enemy, Slayer and Trivium) 

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How I rate shit (I don't take it too seriously tbh)

      10  Absolute perfection
       9   Amazing, almost nothing negative to point out
       8 Very good, entertaining and overall an enjoyable drama/movie
       7 Decent and worth the time
       6  Didn't make me rip my eyes out. Not terrible, but probably won't rewatch.
       5 Quite bad, many things that annoyed me etc
       4 Trash
       3,2 and 1  garbage, just awful in every way possible. I don't recommend to anyone.

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some of my lists are written very ironically lol


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