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both have a focus on brotherhood
both have mysteries from the previous generation
and current war/revolting groups
both include a little bit of romance
both have dark aesthetics
Recommended by kpun - Mar 24, 2024
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both tell a couple of short stories
with different sets of characters
many scenes in the woods and solitary places
ghosts, immortal beings, fox spirits
Recommended by kpun - Feb 5, 2024
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Similar constellations, but different era

-a woman gets married for revenge and political reasons
-the son/son-in-law of her new husband gets between the mismatched couple
-tensed situations and life threatening moments ensue
Recommended by kpun - Jan 23, 2024
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Both dramas have a female lead, that is very skilled in fighting and also capable of tactical thinking, scheming and planning ahead.
Both dramas have a good mix of action, romance and friendship, involving many interesting characters.
Beautiful cinematography, showing many different places along a journey, including a snowy scenery, can be found in both dramas.
Recommended by kpun - Dec 27, 2023
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both have:
- ml and fl are good fighters and smart
- fighting is not everything, good strategies and schemes matter
- lots of interesting and likable characters besides the main leads
- costumes and settings look great
- entertaining fighting scenes
- plot contains a mission to escort a royal person
- depictions of friendship and brotherhood
- actors Zhang Tian Yang and Han Cheng Yu

LST has:
- setting more focused on Jianghu/different sects, but also including connections to the royal curt
AJtL has:
-more comedic moments
-setting closer to royal curt (instead of different sects its military/organizations serving their respective kings)
Recommended by kpun - Dec 12, 2023
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Both are Wuxia with a huge cast, beautiful fighting scenes and mysteries of the past.
In both series the side characters have interesting background stories and romances.
They also have some actors in common, like He Zhong Hua, Bai Shu and Cao Yu Chen.
other similarities:
- FLs with great fighting ability and confidence
-MLs with great fighting skill and strategic thinking
-involving the royal court
-involving different sects/organizations

Recommended by kpun - Mar 30, 2023