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still stuck on a rooftop


still stuck on a rooftop

Welcome to my profile. 

Romance is my jam.

BL is my preferred genre but recently have gotten back into hetero drama: Korean and Thai with a side of Chinese. Currently watching way too many dramas for my own good 😊.

My Favorite Couples: 

New profile under construction

       My Rating System:


10- A complete masterpiece, I can find no flaws. Will never get tired of re-watching because its an absolute favorite

9.5-9.0- I can find a few flaws either in plot or character development but still very good and watchable. Drama is still in my favorites

8.5-8.0- Still good but I find the characters a bit annoying or the plot to drag in certain areas. 50-50 if it's a favorite or not.

7.5-7.0- Average but still watchable. If the plot or characters aren't  as good I can still find something enjoyable whether it's the chemistry between the protagonists, some plot developments, the acting, supporting characters or even the OST

6.5-5.0- Popcorn Drama/Mindless entertainment- The Drama is pretty bad, there's barely any redeeming qualities but I still watch because it somehow still manages to entertain me with it's senseless plot
*Debated on whether to drop the drama or not

4.5-1.0-Why did I even watch this? I regret wasting my time on this awful drama. 
Boring, senseless plot, zero chemistry with any of the cast, awful characters & the story line doesn't know whether it's up or down.
Perhaps it was:
*Dropped or put on infinite on-hold- or I just finished it for the fork of  it. 


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