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Find Yourself chinese drama review
Find Yourself
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by ChineseDramaFan
Feb 20, 2020
41 of 41 episodes seen
Completed 3
Overall 8.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 8.5

Song Wei Long is Adorable!

This is a sweet, sweet, sweet little rom-com. Sweet in every sense. Though there are some conflicts, nothing too outrageous or unsolvable. Song Wei Long who plays the character Yuan Song has definitely brought life into this lovely drama and his character. I'm normally not a light-headed blurry eyed person, but Song Wei Long has turned me into a silly teenager basking in his youthfulness.

When Song Wei Long made this drama, he was still a teenager (18). Despite his very young age, his acting is mature and convincing. As Yuan Song, he doesn't hold back with anything, especially when it comes to intimacy. He dares to kiss and love. Young, handsome and sunny, he is a heart throb. I just can't have enough of his scenes because I love watching him from the start. I love his youthfulness that doesn't lack maturity.

When He Fanxing (played by Victoria Song) meets Yuan Song, she's attracted to him. Fighting back her own emotions, she doesn't know what to do. On the other hand, Yuan Song falls head-over-toe in love with Fanxing and he knows this woman is exactly who he wants in life. Compared with Yuan Song, Fanxing is like a little girl emotionally; she doesn't have what a normal woman her age has. Though smart and strong, Fanxing is naive and clueless when it comes to intimate relationships. Yuan Song however, is mature and devoted. Despite a huge age difference of 10 years, the pair looks perfect for each other.

Of course nothing sails smoothly in life. Comes the killjoy Ye Lu Ming (played by David Wang). He tells Fanxing that their friendship is only platonic, she believes him and treats him as her confidante. But he uses this opportunity to winning the hearts of her parents and making her indebted to him. He creates dates after dates pretending these are their innocent hangouts, and she is oblivious to the facts. He plays her naivete to the fullest. At this point, many viewers curse the Fanxing character, and inevitably the actor herself. This is silly because Victoria Song should not be condemned for being such a good actor that brings the Fanxing character to life.

Initially I questioned the writer for giving us such an emotionally naive character as in Fanxing, and such a foxy character as in Ye Lu Ming; I thought such characters were unrealistic. However, when I searched deep into my own experiences, such characters do exist. I used to know someone who used the same tricks as Ye Lu Ming does, and trapped a girl that he had been pursuing without the girl realizing she was being trapped.

I love the side couples here, in particular Cai Min Min (played by Esther Yu) and He Can Yang (played by Zhang Yu Jian). Cai Min Min is so adorable like a little toddler. He Can Yang's relationship with his twin sister He Fanxing is simply so cute and silly. It's rare for Chinese dramas to portray parents as open-minded as the He's - both of their children have a penchant for very young partners, like at least 10 years younger. The family dynamic is amazing and nostalgic for me.

Many viewers show doubts in following a story that involves a large age gap between the main couple. To this, I'd say, keep an open mind. It's always socially acceptable for a man to marry a very young wife, but not so the other way round. I understand the rationale behind such norm as there is a limitation within a woman's body when it comes to the biological clock and reproduction, but who were to say a couple must always produce offspring in a relationship? Intimacy in a relationship can be expressed in many forms. How Yuan Song plays out in this drama makes me believe that happiness does exist despite the age gap.

I hope through this drama, some single ladies take up the courage to start dating younger men of which I'm supportive. Discard any social pressure or traditional norms. Follow one's heart. Find one's true love. Don't make do with just any men. No one can tell how one should live one's life.

What a wonderful sweet drama this is. Worth watching.
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