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While my tastes range from thrillers to mysteries to slice of life, and very occasionally romances, my viewing fare is predominantly dictated by the scriptwriter, director and cast, in that order. Scriptwriter Kim Eun Hee and author 桐华 Tong Hua can do no wrong in my eyes, though adaptation of Tong Hua's works can be a hit or miss.

I have watched adaptations because I fell in love with the novels, and I have read novels because I love the adaptations. I will always check out remakes of movies or dramas that I love, in hopes that it will honour the source material.  And thanks to my children, I have watched and cried over 动漫 and animes as well.

Last but certainly not least, soundtracks contribute a vital part to my viewing experience, and I have watched dramas because I fell in love with the soundtrack first. The best soundtracks live on in my mind long after, allowing me to revisit scenes with each familiar strand.


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