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I Am Legend
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by lifedreamerm

Dec 31, 2013
16 of 16 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 7.0
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 5.0
After a long time of watching this, and finishing it, I am finally writing a review of this drama. here we go: Story: 8/10 Basically a woman who is probably in her late 30's who wants a divorce from her rich husband, who is committing adultery. Then she goes on and try to pursue her dream and do what she wants: create a rock Madonna band with other ahjumma friends. Then she meets a guy who also helps her and the story goes on as she struggle with the problems with the divorce case and the issues within the band. Acting/Cast: 8/10 The acting was okay in here. But the thing that helped was the characters of the story. Especially Seol Hee. In the beginning we were shown a woman both weak and strong. A woman who obviously was not shy to show her miserable crying face to her husband, trying to make him to divorce her indirectly. We are shown someone who is hanging by an edge, keeping her composure though she is struggling deep inside. & btw, her fashion. Then we have the husband and the woman he is having an affair with. They didn't shine that much in the story as the main character, but they did a good job at not being shameful at what they were doing and making the audience hate them. Though the husband did finally serve a purpose toward the end a bit. They we have the other guy, Tae Hyun, which I don't even know if he is actually needed in this drama. Like c'mon, especially the ending serve no purpose in him being in here. THough we know that he is supposedly the love interest for the main girl in the present, .. or in the near future. Then other ahjummas in the band. Just think: Sunny. Yeahh. Music: 9/10 The best thing of the show. Really. I love the Kim Jun Eun version of 'Million Roses' & 'Genie'. I might be bias since I love rock. It was interesting to see that the band being form and the efforts they put in for the music. Rewatch Value: 5/10. Why a 5? Because the story is something I can only go through once. Also, I disliked the ending. Seems like it was rushhed though I rather not go there. Overall: 7//10.
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