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What's Poppin' Lads? 

Hello my name's Jay and I'm 19 years old but I look about 12.

I'm in love with tokusatsu and I have a certain affinity towards dark, broody and angsty male leads with tragic pasts (let's not read into that too much, shall we?).

I can currently speak two languages (English and French) but I'm  also studying Japanese at University and watching dramas/films has really helped engage myself in the language and made it a lot more fun for me!

I also really like BLs. Like, hit me up if you want recommendations/have recommendations for me because I've seen LOADS.

So if you ever wanna talk feel free to message me but I can be a little awkward sometimes (not good for a language student but I'm working on it) so message at your own risk I suppose :)



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