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My Drama History  

I remember seeing Jewel in the Palace long long time ago.  I can say that it was my first ever Korean Drama. Back then, I don't have access to internet so i have no way of knowing if these dramas are available online so i didn't even pay attention or didn't even try to explore other existing Kdramas that time.  I just watch whatever is being broadcasted in free TV.  I remember seeing back then Stairway to Heaven and Winter Sonata and then that's it.

My first taste of Taiwanese drama was Meteor Garden.  I've seen it because it was popular that time and not because i really wanted to watch it.  

I only started to take KDramas seriously April of 2015 when i stumble upon DongYi in YouTube.  I was surprised because i thought that KDramas all ends up tragically wherein everybody dies in the end.  After DongYi, I started looking for similar dramas which started my fascination for sageuks.  Then eventually, led me to modern Kdramas.  

The first non sageuk i fell in love with is My Love From Another Star.  I enjoyed that drama so much that i started to look for its OST which led me to KPOP.  My thirst for more Kdramas made me discover KissAsian which introduced me to other dramas in Japan, China, Taiwan and Thailand.

things that gives me life and soul


Drama Characters

Daimon MichikoKohei KuryuYamaguchi KumikoHeo Im

Drama with Strong Female Lead

Jewel In The PalaceDong-YiEmpress KiQueen Seon DokPrincess Agents

Medical Drama

Doctor XIryu Team Medical DragonCode BlueRomantic Doctor,
Teacher Kim
Horse Doctor

Police / Detective

SignalSpecial Affairs Team TENCold CaseHello MonsterDr. Qin


Love of SiamLike LoveAddicted HeroinGay Ok BangkokSOTUS
The Series

Fantasy / Supernatural

I Hear Your VoiceFaithMaster's SunYou Who Came From The StarQueen In Hyun's Man


Love By ChanceFight For My WayBromanceDescendants of the Sun The Heirs

My Top 5 Hottest Actor in dramaland

Ji Chang WookYamapiEthan RuanEnchong DeePavel

TOP Five Drama Kisses

Together With MeThe HeirsQueen In Hyun's Man

Favorite OST to date

Together With Me

Live Up To Your Name

Woman With A Suitcase

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