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What's Wrong with Secretary Kim korean drama review
What's Wrong with Secretary Kim
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by MaruChan61
Jul 28, 2018
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 7.5
Story 5.5
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 6.0
This review may contain spoilers
May contain little spoilers, and it's just my opinion..

I just finished the last episode, and I think it's a first time when I skipped almost all MAIN LEADS scenes in it..! Well, usually it doesn't get to this point, because I simply drop the drama if I feel this way.. But this one was such a hit, plus I was watching it for a long time, and it was kinda nice.. Maybe till 14th episode.. Or maybe till 10th..
Ok, when I started it, it was very fun - the humor was great, the leads looked great together ( there was never doubt about this), and everything seemed new and fresh.. I don't even like romcoms - too much cheeseness is not for me , but I started it because I like PMY and PSJ, and well, needed something to watch :) So for a first episodes I really enjoyed it- it was a good office comedy with very attractive leads. Then, after the story from the past started to unfold, it was fine by me too - I know,many complained about this, but for me it was ok - as long it added something to the story, and we had actual plot.. Then - in pretty early stage I'd say, the mistery was resolved, and for the rest of the episodes it was nothing but romance.. First, how they got together, then how they managed to be together etc... There was never any serious fight between them, never any obstacle - it was all ''cute'' romance with small talks and yes - great looking kisses and glances, but nothing more! I know, most people are actually looking for this stuff - many sweet moments between the leads - but is it really enough, when there's nothing more beside this?..
Don't get me wrong - I love romance too, but for me to love the couple I need to wait for them, to miss their moments, wondering what will happen to them - then ,when I finally get what I want, my heart flutters when I see their scenes! I even may skip other scenes to finally see my otp! But here, in the end I skipped the leads... No matter how explosive their chemistry was and how stunning they looked together, but I still got bored..
Now, what I really liked and enjoyed, was the office team - they were adorable and cute, every each of them! I liked how united they were, and both office couple were great! At least it was fun to watch them after same repetitive scenes of the main couple!
It wasn't the worst thing that I watched , but I think it's very overrated! I'm not hating - as I said, I like both lead actors, but it was my opinion about the plot of this drama..
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