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How I Started Watching Dramas
I started watching dramas for as long as I can remember because my mother loved to watch it as well. I remember staying up and watching Hong Kong TVB dramas as young as five years old. haha. Eventually we watched C-dramas, K-dramas dubbed in mandarin, and Taiwanese dramas.

I personally started watching dramas on my own when Meteor Garden aired in the states on the Chinese channels around the early 2000s. Eventually started watching jdramas around the mid-2000s then K-dramas starting in 2009. 

If I had to choose, I would prefer watching Taiwanese and C-dramas. My favorite genre would be Wuxia/xianxia - dramas with lots of actions are top rated for me.. I love fighting scenes. *_* Of course, Aside from action dramas, fantasy genres are my second favorite genres I tend to look for. I also love romance, comedy, thrillers, medical, historical, adventure, investigation - kind of dramas. Sadly, i get very picky when it comes to plots, acting, and story line if it gets too boring or drags on then I drop it or put it on hold for a while.
Other interests:
I also like to play games, listen to music, read, and draw. 

Feel free to message me, I don't bite! :3 

Singers/band(s) I've been a fan of for many years and still not tired of their old or new music:                                        

                                                                                                 BTS                                                                                                     Nick Zhou
                                                                                               Jolin Tsai
                                                                                               Pets Tseng
Eric Chou

My current music addiction:  Vicky Chen - Smokescreen

Youtube for my live fancam videos:
                   >  B.A.P, Infinite, U-Kiss, BTS, and Nick Chou


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