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About Me

I'm just an introverted young woman wasting my life away in what I like to call dramalamaland. :3 Currently 24 years old. 
Born and raised in California, USA as  1st gen Chinese American ~~ Can't say which city/town for obvious reasons. haha ><

 Aspiring Animator/Artist. Currently taking classes at a private college. 

When I have free time, I tend to watch a lot of dramas, read books, draw, or play PC games all day. Sometimes I watch anime, I don't watch it as often as I use to but I still watch it here and there. shopping/hanging out with friends can be exhausting but I do go out when they ask even if I don't feel like it.. T_T I also listen to music nearly everyday, specifically kpop and mandopop. :3

How I Started Watching Dramas
I started watching dramas for as long as I can remember because my mother loved to watch it as well. I remember staying up and watching Hong Kong TVB dramas as young as five years old. haha. Eventually we watched C-dramas, K-dramas dubbed in mandarin, and Taiwanese dramas.

I personally started watching dramas on my own when Meteor Garden aired in the states on the Chinese channels around the early 2000s. Eventually started watching jdramas around the mid-2000s then K-dramas starting in 2009. 

If I had to choose, I would prefer watching Taiwanese and C-dramas. My favorite genre would be Wuxia/xianxia - dramas with lots of actions are top rated for me.. I love fighting scenes. *_* Of course, Aside from action dramas, fantasy genres are my second favorite genres I tend to look for. I also love romance, comedy, thrillers, medical, historical, adventure, investigation - kind of dramas. Sadly, i get very picky when it comes to plots, acting, and story line if it gets to boring or drags on then I drop it or put it on hold for a while.) 

If I'm not in dramalamaland, then I would be watching American TV Shows..
"The Magicians", "Teen Wolf", "Shadowhunters", "Vampire Diaries" (1 of 2 TV Shows that I watched on TV from pilot to end T_T although the last couple of seasons got boring) and my current favorite "The Originals."
I wish they continued The Secret Circle and The Witches of East End T.T Sorry I'm not your typical fan of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. Although I did started watching both shows ... then I drifted apart from it... no idea why. xD 
Favorite tv show of all times would be "Char
med." I re-watched that show many times already.. xD

If not dramas or tv shows, then it would animes...
Currently watching "Boruto." I'm super picky about animes so I'm sticking with animes I'm familiar with. Although my favorite anime is still "Blood+" and "Kodocha" (although I prefer the manga more.. )

Favorite group/solo singers
BTS (fan since debut era, met them in person in Sept 2015)
Super Junior (Sorry Sorry era Saw live in Sept SMTOWN 2010)
Infinite (The Chaser era Saw them live in Nov 2013)
Pristin (fan since pre-debut era)
B.A.P (fan since One Shot era saw them live in May 2013)
Jolin Tsai (fan since 2007. Saw her live and got autograph in 2008)
G.E.M. (fan of her since 2016 but saw her live in 2012)
Nick Chou
Wang Lee Hom
Wilber Pan
Jay Chou
Vanness Wu

Favorite books (warning: mostly of fantasy/sci-fi/supernatural genres. :3)

Harry Potter series
Vampire Academy series (too bad the movie was terrible. T.T)
Bloodlines series
Eon / Eona duology (touch upon Chinese zodiacs.. *_*)
Nine Lives of Chloe King
Dark Visions Trilogy (I remember the climax being really exciting)
Hunger Games Trilogy
Percy Jackson and the Olympians series
Beautiful Creatures series


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