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Females leads have trouble studying but tries their best to rank well. They're both very energetic, doesn't care what others think of them.

Males leads are very smart and tutors the female lead. They are popular among the peers and teachers because of how intelligent they are.
Recommended by Hyukfied - Dec 21, 2018
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Three sisters fight for royalty, power and pride.
Eldest sister wanted the Queen's throne.
Second eldest wanted someone that loves the main female lead.
Youngest is studious, willing to stand her ground.
Recommended by Hyukfied - Apr 19, 2018
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Similar characters: Slow learner female character and a very smart and idolized male character.
Both female main characters chases after the smart guy who she is adamant on becoming his girlfriend no matter what. Male character doesn't care or just lets her do whatever.
Recommended by Hyukfied - Feb 5, 2018