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Hi there, I'm just someone here on this site hoping to watch more and more Asian dramas before I get way older. I don't usually comment on dramas in comments unless they're some of my favorites or I need to seriously rant about them. I just normally watch dramas with a rating scale that goes like this:

I can rate based on how much I enjoyed a drama/movie and how good it was in general, not to be unfair, especially when it comes to hype. 

10 - Probably one of my favorites. I thought the writing and acting was amazing or very much above-average overall. There also had to be one thing or many in particular about these dramas that kept me hooked and emotionally invested. Very few dramas get this rating from me. 

9 - 9.5 - I had a great time watching it, good writing and acting but with some flaws that I couldn't overlook or I just think it's great but not one of my favorites and would recommend it to others. 

8 - 8.5 - Good time overall but it wasn't something that exactly catched me/ didn't feel as emotionally invested or was let down by expectations and there was something that turned me off about it. I would still recommend most with this rating. Some dramas have been given this score. 

7 - 7.5 - It was a decent time. But, I couldn't find myself being attached to a major part of the story and there would be only  certain parts I found enjoyable about it and I mainly skipped through moments. Not sure if I would recommend. Most dramas have been given this score. 

6  - 6.5 - It was okay since there would be moments that I did like occasionally but it wasn't enough for me to give at least an above average score or if there was something that was  horribly executed that just can't possibly be overlooked. I would definitely not recommend. 

And anything below any of those would be dramas that are at the bottom of my watchlist that I had a very not so good time with and would definitely not recommend. However, art is very much subjective and my favorite dramas will not be someone else's and vice-versa which is fine too. 


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