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Hi fellow MDL-ers!

My Journey through Drama-Land
The Journey starts back in 2006/2007 with J-Doramas which I started watching during my freshman year in college majoring Japanese language (my first was Hana Yori Dango).
For someone who had never watched foreign dramas save American ones, exploring the world of Japanese dramas was a memorable discovery for me, no wonder I was immediately addicted.
After graduating college in 2010 the journey took the dramatic turn into the land of Korean dramas (my first was You're Beautifulto which I developed yet another incurable addiction, to the extent I decided to start learning Korean on my own.

My Favorite Genres:

  • Romance-Comedy
  • Mystery / Detective / Law / Politics
  • Business / Office
  • Family / Slice of life / School
  • Fantasy / Thriller

Check out my custom lists below:

Favorite Japanese Dramas

Favorite Korean Dramas

Favorite Japanese Actors/Actresses

Favorite Korean Actors/Actresses

Favorite Movies

Who Am I?
I'm the type that while watching dramas & movies naturally talks to the characters throwing comments to nobody in particular...the type that laughs out loud and cries and sometimes sobs badly...the type that claps, sighs, screams and holds head in agony at times...To sum it up I'm nothing special when it comes to Asian Drama fans!

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