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United States

Hello and welcome to this humble profile. Feel free to contact me at any time regarding reviews, commentary, or articles. Also add me at your leisure; I can be shy and never make the first move, even should I want to. After we get to chatting, you might find me a tad bit more talkative than expected, however.

It's been a while since my last adventure here. But I'm making an effort to stick around in my spare time!

About Me

Hobbies: Writing, Reading, Video Games, Fashion, Exercise

Interests: Film, Theatre, Culture, Language, History, Travel

Other Sites: Goodreads

Favorite Genres:

Historical, War, Suspense, Psychological, Revenge, Romance, Musical (Orchestral)

Least Favorite Genres:

Action, School/Teen, Romantic Comedy, Melodrama, Musical (Pop)

What I look for most in dramas is:

great themes

fantastic characters

excellent acting

Dramas and movies are best when they make you feel and think.

My rating scale is based on personal perspective like everyone else.

10 must have moved my heart and mind, 7-9 is good to wonderful, 5 and 6 are fine, anything lower is a no-go.

I never drop dramas and skip scenes but rarely; it's my wish to give the drama or movie a chance to be seen in its intended, entire form.


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