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A Stalker's Guide to Shin Ha Kyun
Editorials - Dec 11, 2014

Sometimes you fall for an actor and just have to talk about it. Join me while I share a little of that love for one of South Korea's brightest stars: Shin Ha Kyun.

A Film Guide: The Works of Hirokazu Koreeda
Editorials - Oct 15, 2014

Looking for an excellent movie? Why not stop in and get acquainted with the films of a modern master? This guide will tell you all you need to know about 9 different cinematic treasures...and a little about the man who made them.

Currently Watching: Golden Cross
Drama Recaps - May 21, 2014

The spring trend in South Korea seems to be thrillers. Stop by and see why this one might interest you more than all the rest.

Currently Watching: Can We Love?
Drama Recaps - Feb 2, 2014

mysecretsoul has experienced a rekindling in her love of romance dramas. Come find out how Can We Love? played a part, and why you might just enjoy it too.

A Guide to: Prince of Lan Ling
Editorials - Nov 20, 2013

An in depth analysis of this wonderful 2013 drama, brought to you by dapinaymrs and mysecretsoul. What is Prince of Lan Ling and why should you watch it? There's only one place to find out!

Good Doctor Episode 16
Drama Recaps - Oct 10, 2013

MDL'er 'mysecretsoul' recaps Good Doctor episode 16...

Good Doctor Episode 14
Drama Recaps - Oct 1, 2013

Shi On concludes his first surgery. Chae Kyung learns a shocking secret. Facing various issues, Yoon Seo grows apart from our hero but..

Good Doctor Episode 12
Drama Recaps - Sep 15, 2013

A romantic triangle emerges as a real possibility. After a documentary is done at the hospital, a shadow from the past reemerges. Do Han protects Shi On despite adopting a policy of tough love.

Good Doctor Episode 10
Drama Recaps - Sep 10, 2013

A pregnant woman goes against the wishes of her traditional family; Kyu Hyun's surgery is resolved. Mother finally reveals herself to someone other than Yoon Seo. Has Do Han finally accepted Shi On?

Good Doctor Episode 8
Drama Recaps - Aug 30, 2013

A vocal prodigy teeters on the edge of life and death. Do Han must decide whether to engage in hospital politics. As she grows closer to one coworker, Yoon Seo clarifies her feelings for another. And what about the karaoke?

Good Doctor Episode 6
Drama Recaps - Aug 22, 2013

Financial troubles plague the hospital as internal politics complicate further. Shi On uses what he knows of animals to bond with Eun Ok; Do Han shows vulnerability and tells a lie.

Good Doctor Episode 4
Drama Recaps - Aug 16, 2013

Do Han faces suspension after the daring preemie surgery, while Shi On suffers unfair treatment of his own. Yoon Seo struggles with conflicting thoughts on our hero...and a frightening, unexpected event.

Good Doctor Episode 1
Drama Recaps - Aug 7, 2013

Park Shi On is kept from an important meeting when he stops to help a hurt child. Little does he know, bigger conflicts lie in wait at the university hospital.

Shark Episode Recap 20: Final
Drama Recaps - Aug 4, 2013

The controversial final episode draws Yi Soo's revenge play to a close. With new obstacles in broken trust, assassins, and lost evidence, can Chairman Jo be brought to justice? The key may lead the way! But what about the nosebleeds?

Shark Episode 17 Recap
Drama Recaps - Jul 27, 2013

Yi Soo finally finds out whether he can trust Chairman Yoshimura; the rift in Joon Young and Hae Woo's marriage widens. Another photo is discovered, this one more explosive than the last.

Shark Episode 14 Recap
Drama Recaps - Jul 18, 2013

That infamous photo's secret is finally uncovered. Two more hidden identities are seemingly revealed. One kidnapping is resolved while another, more innocent party is tricked into the hands of Chairman Jo's minion.

Shark Recap Episode 12
Drama Recaps - Jul 14, 2013

The innocent are hurt while the guilty still roam free in this installment of Shark. Some characters hear truths that shatter their world view, while some of Yi Soo's are finally....?

Shark Episode Recap 9
Drama Recaps - Jun 27, 2013

Mysecretsoul recaps the exciting ninth episode of Shark. Hae Woo's suspicions regarding Yi Soo reach a fever pitch even as new mysteries begin to surface in the case.

Shark Recap Episode 6
Drama Recaps - Jun 19, 2013

Suspicions begin to solidify into belief as we enter the sixth episode. Yi Soo wavers even as Hae Woo is led ever closer to the truth; new question arise even as more details unravel. And... what about the key?

Great Smiles, Guy Style
Editorials - Jun 17, 2013

A quick and fun countdown of the actors with the nicest smiles.