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In your dreams!


In your dreams!

Hajimemashite! :)

Welcome to my MDL Page! ^^

 I'm Monique but you can call Niq to make it short.
 A pure Asian. :)
 and still loving all about Asia specially dramas, movies, and songs. @[email protected]

 I'm a drama, movie & anime lover! :D

I already watch lots of dramas & movies before I actually found this site! :)
 I find it interesting since...
 I just need to list all the dramas & movies that I...
 currently watching, completed, plan to watch, on-hold, & dropped!
 it's easier for me to organize it!

 I'm also a J-pop, K-pop & C-pop Lover! <3

 I actually used to watch lots of Korean dramas & movies before,
 'cos I get easily bored with so much episodes...
 I switched to Japanese dramas & movies since it has lessen episodes!
 No offense... but this is my own POV! :D


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