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Vote: Best OCN Dramas

What is your Favourite OCN Drama?

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Actors That I Like

I liked these actors roles/characters, I might not always respect their real life morals or situations, please understand. Order: Favourite…

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Vote: Best JTBC Dramas
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Voting: Best Netflix Dramas

Strictly Netflix produced shows, no Collabs with different distribution/production company/s.

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Favourite Dramas
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pretty interesting

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Favourite Movies
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Movies/Dramas That Make You Want to do/be Better

MC = Main Character. 

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What is your favourite movie that was released in the year2021? Add your favssss. You can only vote/add for 5 titles. 

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Vote: Best Ensemble Cast Chemistry
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Vote: Best Female Lead Characters


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Vote: Female Lead with the Best Fashion Sense

Thanking our main female leads, and the stylists that make the magic come together!! 

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Unexpectedly Good Dramas

Basically Dramas that have a lower rating/no popularity or underrated that I thought I wouldn't like but blew my expectations.

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