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Heeeey I have an obsession~

TO ALL BUTTHURT PEOPLE: Everyone has their own tastes in Kdramas. P R E F E R E N C E S  exist.

My list of favourite actors/actresses are not in order.

Occasionally, I change the ratings I give to the dramas I have completed.

I am pretty shallow when it comes to watching dramas. I do care quite a bit about the main actor and actress' appearances. If I can't come to terms with either of their looks, I would usually put the drama on hold or just drop the drama entirely.

Unfortunately, I avoid watching Thai dramas due to the pure fact that I don't like how Thai sound. The one time I did watch was a Thai movie and I muted the entire thing. I naturally prefer to hear and watch at the same time so Thai dramas are almost impossible for me to follow.

Genres that I tend to avoid: Medical, tragedy, political, war, fantasy, historical

Genres that I get attracted to: Romcom, action, mystery, crime, friendship

Things that I hate in dramas:

Love triangles, annoying/brainless female leads, non-existent chemistry, leads that don't look attractive to me (ONLY APPLIES TO ROMANTIC DRAMAS. And sorry- visuals are important to me), leads who cannot act, clingy exes, parents who don't know when to back off, decisions made that are completely unnecessary/unreasonable, when the main leads get together way too quickly, bullies

Things that I love in dramas:

OP leads (whether it involves amazing intellect or strength or ability to do something unique)- especially exceptional detectives, when the guy gets jealous IN A CUTE WAY, bromance, when a couple acts like best friends (i'm accepting of other types of couple relationships but this is my fav)


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