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*Drama: My Father Is Strange


LIKE: Romcom, Comedy, Action, Mystery, Crime, Family, Life
AVOID but consider: Medical, Fantasy
DISLIKE: Tragedy, Melodrama (v few exceptions), Pure romance, Love Triangles

*Drama: Prison Playbook


BELOW 5: Trash (1 to 4 scale of h0gwash)
5-6: Strong dislike, would never recommend
7: Meh it's ok, might have even found it a waste of time
8: Decent, liked it but fair share of unenjoyable parts
8.5-9: Good watch, enjoyed, few plotholes
9.5-10: GREAT watch, really enjoyed, had a definite lasting impression

FAVOURITES: Dramas under my favourites are exceptions to the ratings stated above as all are considered enjoyable for me. They are mostly comedic and might NOT be objectively great. 

*Occasionally, I change the ratings I give to the dramas I have completed. I have many questionable ratings of 9-10 for dramas watched before 2018, since my standards were lower back then.

*Drama: Fiery Priest


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