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You can see my complete list with ratings (>95% BLs) by clicking on my "List" button. 

My rating system is rather generous:
10 = I really enjoyed it. Strengths far outweigh whatever minor weaknesses.
9 = I liked it. There were some weaknesses, or maybe something I didn't like so much, but on balance good.
8 = Alright, but not great. Some more significant issues or weaknesses, or specific things I didn't like.
7 = On balance, I can't say I entirely liked it. Significant weaknesses or issues that bothered me.
6 = I did not like it. Multiple major issues or things that really bothered me.
5 = I really did not like it. I struggle to find anything good to say.
(Anything lower than 5 = disastrous, so I probably didn't watch it to the end. See my "Dropped" list.) 

I grew up in a socially conservative environment, so I especially like BLs that give me the teenage years I never had (school BLs, first love, coming of age with happy ending).

Photo: Amagi (Oriyama Nao)  /  天城くん  ( 織山尚大 ) = 俺の桜 !!!


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