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Europe, probably


Europe, probably

English is not my first language. Please ignore any strange sentences.

If you ever find that you have no idea what I'm talking about when I use certain terms or talk about tropes, then both Fanlore and TV Tropes are a good place to start. You can also always ask via PM or in a reply.

Fannish bio:

  • started out with Japanese shonen-ai / yaoi manga, ages ago, just after the extinction of the dinosaurs, when we had to pay for the internet by the minute and sang duets with our modems.
  • read my way through slash fanfiction of too many fandoms. from ca. 2005 mainly western fandoms, because I got tired of the same old top/bottom dynamics.
  • rediscovered Asian content through a throwaway comment in a Marvel fanfic.
  • in summer 2021, was astonished to find that there are now live-action BL dramas, was sad to find that the top/bottom-trope is still a huge thing.
  • ???

Top/Bottom dynamics and all the tropes that go with it is just heteronormativity in disguise.
If I wanted that, I would just watch any old het romance.

NB: I am now slowly and one-by-one cross-posting reviews from other platforms to MDL; which also means that I might have watched seemingly "new" dramas ages ago.


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