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in a world full of clown and ghost, probably watching an action drama ......spoiler: I am :)


in a world full of clown and ghost, probably watching an action drama ......spoiler: I am :)

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----------2025 project----------

Have you always wanted to be in a family photo, without sharing your face, well here's the chance. I am hosting a BIG family photo with everyone that wants to join. YOU will be a MDL family photo. how ?? everthing is explained in the link below

2025 project- instructions

HIIIIIIIIIIII and welcome to 

12;9;20;20;12;5       7;8;15;19;20;9;5;19            8;15;13;5

A=1; B=2; C=3;......

  ._..       ..        ._.. |    .._.     ._.    ..    .     _.. |    ...     ....   ._.      ..     _ _   ._ _. | ...     ._ _.     _ _ _        _ _ _      _._        _._ _    

Boooooo yall! My name is Spooky and I enjoy a lot of things, and among those things are spooky stuff ('cause I vibe with them the most), good dramas and most importantly...chatting with people I adore! Are you lonely? Hit me up! Are you sad? You better hit me up so we can go hit someone together! Are u in need of recs? You have to hit me up, because I got everything you need! You want romance? You got it! You want action? Oh, please, I live for it! I am simply everything you need! Also, show me ur pets and faces so I can shower you with love! ^^

I'm the yearbook photographer for MDL ( ) and that's right, I volunteered for the job. Because I have crazy design skills, just check out the aesthetics on my bio. I'm also recently trying out my doodle art for some fun meme posts. My shifu (@flamingo) encouraged me a lot in all such areas of craziness and chaos. I owe it all to them, my master will always be >>>>>>>> any of yours (*insert clown emoji here*)

from  bunny from this challenge

from LuckyGirlGwenIce

HI I'm @Dark_BL_soul but you can also call me spooky <3

I love watching K-dramas and BL's
my fav genres are action & thriller

I am always open for conversation, so feel free to send me a message anytime   ^_^

in case youre looking for a drama  'lost and found' - ask 

following my master, I also have a wheel, which is my :  consultation wheel

I am MDL's self-appointed drawer and animator, so well all I mostly post about are animations/ drawings about dramas

I made a collection of the, further down

right now, Im also open to make them for you, for fun. In case you do:

Pround, best and only disciple of @flamingo, a.k.a clown MMM

Friends with @MedleyPerfumes

I'm a half clown, half ghost  :DDD

crazy fan arrested !
Me vs. lee sung-hoon
I believe in ... supermercy
non drama watchers be like
advertisement problems
too much in love
the cutness I can't
now kisssss !!!
don't cry 
emptiness after a good drama...
bye losers......!!!!!
what a boring ep feels like (my fav)
lovely runner watchers
how to make drama friends (very usefull)
watching dramas with anger issues be like:
'veil'- lay zhang animation 
spoiler alertttt !!!
never ending k-action/ k-thriller addiction

Best quotes I have heard (in dramas/movies)

If you climb up a place you shouldn't, you will fall | If you do something you shouldn't you will be left with nothing but regret

  • Tagon (arthdal chronicles) ep 8 (8/16)

What's the point of holding on to the past and regretting it

  • inmate 3429 (through the darkness) ep 3

Smile to whoever you meet in the future

  • Glory of special forces ep 5

what is lost, is lost. Its forver gone

  • Glory of special forces ep 18

Respect needs to be earned not begged for

  • glory of special forcec

Listen, failure is the mother of succes

  • Glory of special forces

Once you lose something, it'll never come back

  • Glory of special forces

Stop lying. You look like a panda !! 

  • Glory of special forces

My ghost theory time series (GTT)

Ep 2: intrduction/ meaning behind grasshopper

Ep 1: blood related ?

ep 3: age gap

Ep 4: robot ??????

~My rating system~

10amazing and flawless
9-9.5love it, but had something I didnt like
7.5-8.5very good
7likes it , but not special, a.k.a average
6-6.5watchable, but just not good
5-0no, absoluely no, just wasting time

currently watching  (ATM)

fireworks of my heart 

~~thanks for visting <3


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