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The Mitten


The Mitten

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, I watched my very first KDrama: To The Beautiful You. I only watched it because Choi Min Ho, a member of my favorite band, SHINee, was the lead. I loved it then, but totally understand how imperfect it is now that I'm older. I still have lots of nostalgia for it, though. I've been watching dramas for quite a while now, but because of school, theater, music, and other commitments, I haven't seen as many as I would like. I'm hoping to fix that.

I adore writing and have lots of articles posted here on MDL. I enjoy making icons and edits. I have a passion for math, science, literature, music, and theater. I'm just another person who made the jump from KPop to KDramas, and who wanted to use my love of writing to bring new ways of thinking about KDramas to the people here on MDL. If you ever have any questions or have an idea for something you might want me to write about, shoot me a message.

Check out my beauty Insta @makeupkeara *winks*

My drama ratings sort of resemble the American education system. They go as follows:

100% (A)
Gold star! The series ticks all the boxes and might even go above and beyond (but because of district policy, we can't give out bonus points).
90% (A-)
The show mostly does what it's supposed to, but misses points here and there. Not a bad grade by any means.
80% (B-)
A serviceable grade. Overachievers might not like to see this in the gradebook, but the average Joe would gladly settle for this. Still not bad.
70% (C-)
The drama is just okay. It passes the test, but no one really wants to get a C-. Definitely could have been better.
60% (D-)
The first failing grade on the list. Some things about it might have been okay, but for the most part, the drama wasn't enjoyable and doesn't deserve to be watched.
50% (F)
Really bad. Wow. Almost a guaranteed drop.
40% (F)
Even worse. Makes the viewer uncomfortable. Being in the presence of such slop burns a little bit.
30% (F)
Now it's becoming offensive. A drama receiving this score is honestly, wholeheartedly terrible and should have been scrapped before the writer hit a single key on their keyboard.
20% (F)
Stop. Please make it stop.
10% (F)
no rating
I've decided that, for one reason or another, I will not be rating a movie/series. Doesn't mean it was worse than a 1. Rather, I've determined that a movie/special/series doesn't really "fit in" with the rest of drama/movie-dom (like My Baby Bright).

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