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Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, I watched my very first KDrama: To The Beautiful You. I only watched it because Choi Min Ho, a member of my favorite band, SHINee, was the lead. I loved it then, but totally understand how imperfect it is now that I'm older. I still have lots of nostalgia for it, though. I've been watching dramas for quite a while now, but because of school, theater, music, and other commitments, I haven't seen as many as I would like. I'm hoping to fix that.

I adore writing and have lots of articles posted here on MDL. I enjoy making icons and edits. I have a passion for math, science, literature, music, and theater. I'm just another person who made the jump from KPop to KDramas, and who wanted to use my love of writing to bring new ways of thinking about KDramas to the people here on MDL. 

Make sure to check out the "Articles" tab on my profile!

I have a lot of fun making icons. If you have any interest in me making you one, feel free to hit me up. I usually make stuff that's pretty simple, but if you send me a message describing what you're looking for, I'll let you know what I think I can do. Feel free to ask for things more complicated than the examples. I'll experiment for you.



(From left to right):

Circle- Moved Kim Kang Woo down and Lee Ki Kwang forward to fit both men in the icon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon- Put Bong Soon on a plain, pastel background

Missing Noir M- Cropped an image down to icon size

Suspicious Partner- Put Ji Wook on a plain, pastel background

Here you can find a playlist of some of my favorite music. It's a disorganized mishmash of KPop, musical theater, American pop, metal, and ballads. If you get through the whole thing, then you win bragging rights. Good luck.


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