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Legend of Fu Yao chinese drama review
Legend of Fu Yao
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by purplebanana6
Aug 14, 2018
66 of 66 episodes seen
Overall 8.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 10.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
Legend of Fuyao is a great complex story with an amazing cast of actors and actresses. The story is filled with action sequences, beautiful cinematography, and stunning costumes (seriously, Yang mi alone had about 100 costumes for this drama). As usual, Yang Mi never failed with her acting and kept me captivated for the entire drama. In terms of the cast, I found myself another treasure to keep my eyes on: Ethan Juan. This is my first time watching a drama of Ethan and I AM IN LOVE with how talented this guy is! His acting is superb, he really fits into the character and I don't think I can imagine anyone playing Wuji other than Ethan. Ethan has a unique charm, he is not the most handsome actor but he is so attractive. The highlight of his acting can be seen in the last episode, all the acting look so realistic. I read somewhere that both Yang Mi and Ethan were about to faint from acting out the last climax in the plot (

Moving onto the actual plot, I really liked the first 30 episodes. It was when the story was setting up, the pace was moving along in a good speed. The story took place in Taiyuan Kingdom. The two lead characters slowly came together and started to work together against the common enemy. Both Fuyao and Wuji were super witty and were able to outsmart many times. Then, after Taiyuan Kingdom, the story took place in Tianquan Kingdom, the story continued with excellent pacing and the plot thickened. But the part where the drama began to slow down was during Tiansha Kingdom. It became draggy maybe because the focus of the drama shifted from the adventures of the two leads to the second lead couple (Zhan Beiye and Yalan Zhu). I liked the second lead couple but their relationship of how they came together was very questionable. Their relationship don't seem as genuine compared to Wuji and Fuyao and I felt like their relationship was forced. I was not convinced how Zhan Beiye suddenly turn 180 degree and started like Yalan Zhu after she partially sacrificed herself. After that, the story journeyed to Xuanji Kingdom. I liked this kingdom better than Tiansha but nothing really stood out to me as much as Taiyuan. Personally, I wished that we had more screen time for Xuanji because I would liked to see Fuyao as the queen for a longer period of time. The title of this drama is Legend of Fuyao but it really is an understatement at time because Wuji had to rescue Fuyao most of the times and she was always getting hurt for the stupidest reasons. Last but not least, the ending! Legend of Fuyao has an open ending but the leads are alive and happy nonetheless. I still wish that the drama follows the novel's ending since I read that the novel ends with Wuji and Fuyao married with 3 kids (how adorable would that be!!!). In conclusion, the drama would be so much better if the writers shorten parts of Tiansha's story arc to give more time for the ending and an epilogue to explain to what happen to all the kingdoms and their friends.

Overall, this is one of my favorite historical Chinese drama of this year along with Nirvana in Fire 2. All actors are phenomonal and I hope Ethan and Yang Mi win awards for their amazing acting. Also, shoutout to English subbers on Viki, you guys are the best!
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